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UPDATE - The bike shop in under new ownership and new name, ST Bicycles. Street Fit 360 is in the process of moving to a new location. Please keep reading....

Please read carefully since the bike shop is now under new ownership and is renamed "ST Bicycles" (South Tampa Bicycles). This website is NOT for the bike shop since it has been renamed by the new owner. PLEASE visit for the bike shop or you can call 813.319.3735.

Street Fit 360 is moving to another location where we will take the ElliptiGo and Trikke but will not be servicing or selling bicycles. So please, if you have a bicycle related inquiry then you need to continue going to the Gandy (ST Bicycles) location. The phone number will remain the same - 813.319.3735. We understand this may be a bit confusing so if you have any questions please feel free to call 813.319.3735 which is ST Bicycles. Once we're set up in our new location with the Trikkes and ElliptiGo we will announce our new address. Meanwhile you can call us a 813.559.9512 for any Trikke, Elliptigo or in reference to any products on our Amazon or eBay stores.


  • ElliptiGo 3C
    Price $1799.99
  • ElliptiGo 8C
    Price $2499.99
  • ElliptiGo 11R
    Price $3499.99


  • T78 Deluxe - Green, Blue or Pink
    Price $389.99
  • T78-Air Trikke Tampa Exclusive!
    Price $339.99
  • T78CS - Black
    Price $259.99


0 Product(s) in cart
Total $0.00
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